Thai Yoga Massage

WN_CES_TYM_sessie_mg_1985Profound wellbeing, a sense of coming home in your own body
Thai Massage is an ancient therapeutic healing form of massage merging Deep Tissue, Osteopathy, Shiatsu and Yoga postures.
It unblocks vital energy channels and is therefor a highly efficient way to experience deep wellbeing as it works on all levels, from muscles and ligaments to psyche. The emphasis can be general maintenance or health prevention, but as this work is deeply therapeutic it can improve posture, breathing , circulation and flexibility; it can remove stress, tension, insomnia or any specific physical problems whether chronic or acute . Regardless of what the issue is, it offers a balanced feeling of deep wellbeing that has the capacity to remain.
The massage is performed on a mat on the floor and you get to keep all your clothes on. We take the time beforehand to customise your session and make sure there’s time for you to come out afterwards.

3 Sessions pre-booked: 10% discount
Also great to give as a present!

If your financial state is not as you would like to see it, contact me, we can always find a way..

1 hour:  approx. € 70,-
1,5 hours:  approx. € 90,-
2 hours:  approx. € 125,-

all ex. VAT (btw)

Private Workshops:

Is giving Thai Massage something you would like to learn: check out the upcoming events to see if there is a workshop scheduled. If you prefer to be taught privately we can organise this in the comfort of your own home for you and a friend, partner or small group. We will plan either a few afternoons, mornings or full days, whatever suits you best. In about 12-20 hours of working together you will have enough material to practise and play with.

Investment : approx.  250 per person per workshop ex. VAT (btw)