Me, Ces

ProfilePic Beach 2Guiding other people so they can tap into their ability of self-healing and showing them and myself how humour and sincerity beats seriousness every day, has proven to be an incredible, never-ending journey.

During many years of working as a lighting technician in film business and travelling the world as a scuba dive instructor my yogapractice started in 2002 in my hometown Amsterdam. I had no idea what I got myself into and for sure didn’t embark on an easy trip but it did turn out to be a very profound and at times hilarious path of self-development, mindfulness and joy.

In 2007 I  fell head over heels in love with Ayurvedic and Thai Yoga Massage in which I found a great yoga-practise. A one-on-one opportunity to guide people in reconnecting to their bodies, breath and Spirit. Opening the space for them to find their inner-medicine, while healing and coming home myself more and more with every session. Diving into massage made me realize it really is all yoga.. 🙂

Since 2010 I am part of the Natural Yoga-team: an amazing initiative by the founder Noelle Sterk, connecting people to Nature again through the practice of yoga and massage, teaching them about environmental awareness and playing outdoors as much as the weather permits.

After a while my work started to gravitate more towards workshops and retreats, giving 5Elements Yoga-detox days, Massage-workshops and Yoga Holidays, sometimes combined with Massage-workshops.
Above all I absolutely love co-teaching, uniting forces with the many great teachers all around but for me especially the Natural Yoga team – 

Contact: global whatsapp & Amsterdam phone:  +31 613 369 377 –  Ibiza phone & sms: +34 603 315 747



2014: Thai Massage 1 month Advanced Pregnancy, Stretches, & Therapy– Itzhak Helman
  Thai Massage Lahu Village. 1 month assisting – Itzhak Helman
2012: Thai Massage Practitioner Training Level1 – Ralf Marzen, Natacha D’Ansembourg
2012: Thai Massage Circus 200 hrs – Laos – Arno, Ithzak, Kaline, Gwynn, Anastasis
2011: Advanced 5Elements Yoga – Swara Yoga – 100 hrs – Amsterdam
2010: AYM training – Sebastian Bruno
2009: AYM traning – Sebastian Bruno & Sidhamo
2009: 5Elements Yoga: Swara Yoga – 200 hrs – Sofia & Jai – Thailand
2008: Jivamukti / Astanga Vinyasa: Svaha Yoga – 500 hrs – Gosta & Patrick – Amsterdam
2007: Astanga Vinyasa: Yoga India – 200 hrs – Bharath Shetty – Mysore