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19422_588798501221291_3029397552558079810_nIbiza – Yoga & Thaibox retreat June 26th – July 3d

Sukha Yoga, Steffi de Pous & myself organize a challenging and deeply relaxing, invigorating retreat in Ibiza.

With all that life throws at us each day, do you feel yoga could help but just doesn’t always do the trick?  You feel like kicking *ss at times but feel ‘it isn’t allowed’ or you just don’t know how to?  Come find out the balance together with us: we combine the ommm and the boom boom!

You feel like being away from it all, sitting under a tree feeling the sun, ocean and beach around you? Eating healthy food, doing some yoga, exploring the island and lying on the beach and doing some full power thaibox training?

There’s more similarity between thaiboxing and yoga then you might think and we’ll show you in 8 days: It improves flexibility, balance and agility, strengthens and cultivates sharper awareness and mental clarity. The combination grounds us, brings us space and self-understanding therefore allowing for empowerment of body, mind and soul. Instead of keeping all the emotions in, we get to let them out!

And… what’s a better place to do this then the Mediterranean magical white island of Ibiza where everything is allowed, everything and everyone is welcome and celebration&meditation go hand in hand. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, fine white sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and stunning nature everywhere you look you will feel like you’ve landed in heaven.

We are staying way up in the North, close to San Carlos: a country house with tons of space and privacy surrounded by orange, mandarine, lemon, almond, figs and peach-trees. Picking your fruit straight from these trees or lounge in their shade, the house is an Ibiza-picture of peace and beauty. We will practise and train outside feeling the breeze, smelling the sun on the land.

Marcelo Leal is our Muay Thai Trainer, highly professional and dedicated, taught by the Shaolin Monks in China and Thailand. An absolute joy to work with due to his light sense of humour, his sincere love for the martial arts, meditation and self-development and his sweet presence and patience. He has a way of making you tap into a source of energy you didn’t knew was there. Find him on Facebook at Marcelo Shi Hen Sai .

Steffi de Pous & me are there for your gentle but efficient and relaxing yoga-experiences in the morning and evening.

Adri van den Bos is in charge of our bellies, a gourmet-lover devoted to the vegetarian way of pure indulgence. He works as much as possible with local produce, organic and biological, prepared with a triple dose of Love. Facebook him at The Magic Healthy Chef .

Retreat day example:
07.30-08.30 Mindful wake up with gentle Yoga
08.30-09.00 Healthy juice & fruit platter energy boost
09.00-11.00 Thai box training
11.00-12.00 Elaborate power brunch
12.00-19.00 Free time to do whatever you feel like!
19.00- 20.00 Winding down the day with relaxing Yoga
20.30-21.30 Healthy Vegetarian dinner time

Practical info:

arrival: afternoon june 26th
departure: afternoon of july 3d
it’s possible to extend your stay at the Augustijn, let us know so we can connect you.

booked and paid before april 1st :  1150,- ex. 6% btw. based on double room occupancy.                                       after april 1st: 1250,- excl. 6%btw. based on double room occupancy.

including: daily vegetarian brunch& dinner and pre training fruit-booster
twice a day 1hour yoga classes
once a day 2hour muy thai training

excluding: flights, car rental & airport pick up,
+25,- pppd extra for single use room
extra’s like massages, excursions, alcohol and lunch.

car rental/share is highly recommended
Aiport pickup on request


Amsterdam-5Elements Yoga Spring Detoxday – march 29, 201510999412_908672819155342_6079977376509638015_n

According to many teachings, Springtime is the best time to cleanse, detoxify your body and set a powerful intention for the season to come. Come connect to the force of Nature that shows and thereby tells us it’s  time to come out and play!

In the ancient wisdom of the 5 elements the transition between 2 seasons always connects us to the element of Earth: to ground us, nurture us and keep us safe from rushing into the next part of the cycle. Springtime is Space time, Wood/Spirit time: full creative power, dreams, plans, community and connection to the bigger picture: the Force of Life some call Qi or Prana.

We’ll be using specific yoga postures, breath techniques and meditations that purify and detox the major organs that go with these elements and thereby clarify the mind, making it easier to set a direction, an intention for the upcoming seasonal changes and life movement.

Practical info:

sign up by emailing to secure a mat and receive an outline of the preparation:
A minimum of 2days preparation in advance is good, better even is a full week.

Location: SvahaYoga -Noord – Nieuwendammerkade 47, Amsterdam
Times: Saturday March 29: 13.00 – 18.30

Investment: €65,- incl. light lunch  

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop duo-weekend – 14 & 15 june and 21 & 22 june 2014previous

TYM is an interactive form of massage based on powerful yogastretches and gentle acupressure. It works on the visible muscle-system and the more subtle energy-body. The receiver and giver experience a deep feeling of relaxation, peace and space because of the principles of Vipassana (mindfulness) and Metta (loving kindness).
In this workshop you are introduced in how to give TYM sessions yourself in a safe, effective and loving way. All techniques will be demonstrated with explanation and after this you will practise on your fellow students. The focus is on the flow of the practise, more then seperate moves.
The first weekend we make a start with the stretches and acupressure, we will focus on the right  allignement of the receiver, the posture of the giver and the art of touch. In the second weekend we will build on what we have learned before, working towards giving a full hour’s session of TYM.
This workshop is for everyone who wants to learn how to give massage and for those who want to deepen their experience with yoga and massage.

5Elements Yoga Spring Detoxday – june 7, 2014

According to many teachings, Springtime is the best time to cleanse and detoxify your body…
opening up the element of Space to dream, expand and feel, cultivating self-expression and creativity by releasing the winter-sluggishness.Connecting to the force of nature that shows us it’s time to come out and play!

We’ll be using specific yoga-postures, breath-techniques and meditations that purify and detox the major organs and clarify the mind.A minimum of 2 days preparation in advance is strongly advised, better even is a full week …

If you feel like going all the way, you can opt for a liverflush (we semi-vast, prep the passage with epsom-salt and flush the liver of stones with olive-oil) in the evening after our gettogether. I can send you all the information for this, just realize to keep the next day free of obligations as it can bring up a lot…
Prepping for this will rquire a full week of dedicated diet-change.

Location: Svaha Yoga studio Noord – Nieuwendammerkade 47
Times: Saturday june 7th, 13:00 – 18:30hrs
Investment: € 55,- incl. light lunch

To sign up and receive an extensive outline of the preparation, contact

Yoga & Traditional Muay Thaibox
Koh Tao, Thailand – feb 4 – 13

Tropical beaches, lush jungle and a rejuvenating spirit.. On this stunning island we will go for the ultimate yin/yang of traditional muay thai boxing and yoga.
We start the day with a gentle yogasession overlooking the ocean, where we set the intention for the boxing. By allowing all anger and frustration to come out in the boxing without any judgments or holding back we can find a way through this in the longer evening yoga session through feeling and meditation.
During the day there will be plenty time to enjoy the holiday-landscape of koh tao: sun, beach, massages, amazing thai food and fresh coconuts.

We will stay at simple and clean beach-front bungalows, thai style, at

We will be 3 teachers guiding you through this transformational retreat: Yoli is our female thai box teacher, Steffi de Pous ( and myself will be guiding you through the yoga-part. Both of us are familiar with this combination and are big believers in the healing and rejuvenating effect…

Location: Koh Tao, Thailand
Dates: february 4 – february 13
Investment: € 1020,-
Including: 10 days Muay Thai Boxing classes
10 days yogaclasses 2times a day
10 nights accomodation
9 breakfasts
1 around-the-island boat-trip
Excluding: lunch and dinner
flights and transfers

For more info:

Introduction to Yoga Massage
Sept. 10&11, 2011

This introduction course is designed for both beginners, experienced bodyworkers and yoga teachers. Students will learn how to position the body, basic warming up techniques, how to use the oil and a good array of stretches for the whole body. Focus will be on understanding the relation between breath and movement, basic alignment and fluidity.

8 day Yoga-holiday in Thailand
March 17- 25  2012

Golden Buddha Resort is one of Thailands finest eco resorts completely in touch with nature located on Koh Phra Thong: a pristine tropical island with no mass-tourism.

5 Elements DetoxYoga Day
May 12 or 13 2012

According to many teachings, Springtime is the best time to cleanse and detoxify your body. We’ll be using specific yoga postures, breath techniques and meditations based on the 5Elements that purify and detox the major organs and clarify the mind

Partner Yoga with Sanna & Ces
May 20  2012

We will have a sweet afternoon of practising the yoga asanas (postures) together; exploring, finding balance, relaxing, stretching, surrendering and finding stillness together.  Your ‘partner’ can be anyone: a friend, neighbour, lifepartner or an absolute stranger, which means you can come alone or bring a friend!

Yoga Retreat in North East Brasil: Praia de Pipa
January 9 – 19 2013    Release, relax, recharge and feel fully alive!

We’ll have daily morning & evening yoga-sessions based on the 5elements overlooking the South Atlantic Ocean. We’ll build our practise from a stable and happy posture and proper breath technique towards flowing with our breath through a sequence of yoga-asanas (poses). We aim for finding a personal practise within a group-experience.

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop
Sept.14 & 15 and 21 & 22  2013

TYM is an interactive form of massage based on powerful yogastretches and gentle acupressure. It works on the visible musclesystem and the more subtle energybody. The receiver and giver experience a deep feeling of relaxation, peace and space because of the principles of Vipasana (mindfulness) and Metta (loving kindness).

5 Element YogaDetox Day
29 September 2013

Deeply infused by the teachings of the 5Elements we use this day to gently detoxify the body & mind. We use yoga postures, breath-techniques and meditational visualisation to release what we don’t want to bring into the contracting energy of Winter.

Yoga Lifestyle Retreat Italia
11-19 Oktober 2013

Through Natural Yoga we co-create this Yoga Lifestyle Retreat at Borgo Pignano in Toscane. The stylish renovated estate from the 13th century is surrounded by 750 acres of hills, wood and biological herb- and vegetable gardens. Pignano is situated in the province Pisa, between Florence & Siena, near to the old village of Volterra. The power of this accommodation is not only its natural beauty but also the eco-awareness of the community that manages this magical place with a lot of love and care.