Yoga can be translated as Union, coming from the sanskrit word Yuj – to yoke, join or unite. To find union of body, mind and breath we practise asana (physical postures) and pranayama (breath control) Through which we strengthen and prepare the body for meditation, so we can reconnect to the inner stillness. This natural state of stillness brings about the realization that there’s unity in everything and everyone.

The yoga I share is a fusion of inspirations gathered along the way. There’s a big emphasis on resting and relaxing, using breath&body cooperation to release tension in the body and mind, taking you into the present moment by flowing gently through the postures. Or staying in them longer so we can tap into the restorative part of the practise. keeping it safe and grounded by working with proper body-allignement. The natural wisdom of the 5Elements is present in every class, keeping us connected to Nature outside and inside so we don’t lose ourselves in the ‘doing’ of the yoga-practise.

The 5 Element-teachings are a vast knowledge always expanding and rooted in ancient wisdom gathered by our ancestors in the East from when they took their time to study the quality, cycli and composition of Nature: they came to Earth, Air, Water, Space and Fire. They found out how Natures elements can easily be translated into he human Nature. The 5 energies are like a blueprint for our internal elements; deeply intertwined with our organs, times of the day, seasons, personalities and so on. What is outside is inside. We can see the 5Elements as metaphors to define how all works together, is dependent, connected and in constant movement

I don’t teach weekly studio classes as there is plenty amazing people doing that. I prefer to work 1 on 1 where we build a personal practise in a few gatherings with a lot of personal attention, whether therapeutic or just as a kick-start to get into your own practise, we make sure the postures, breath work and meditation are customised to your needs.

Another possibility is to work with a small group: you and a few friends at home. We aim for finding a personal practise within the group experience, we keep it simple so we can make Space with a smile 🙂


Investment is not set in stone,  i’m flexible..

1 on 1 privates: approx.  65 per hour

private groups: approx.   110 per session for the whole group

all ex. VAT (btw)